Recommend a Friend

Recommend a friend and be rewarded with high street vouchers*

Destination Education is always looking for new Teachers and Support Staff. We’ll reward all our candidates for telling people about our service and how we help Teachers and Support Workers find work across London and Home Counties.

  1. It’s easy – tell you friends, family and colleagues about Destination Education and the work you’ve done with us
  2. For every one that joins us on your recommendation you will be rewarded vouchers up to the value of £50*
  3. And the best bit is… there’s no limit to the amount of people you can refer!
If you know someone who is looking for work then fill out their details below.

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Alternatively send an email with their details to: [email protected]

*Terms and Conditions:

  1. The person who has referred a new teacher or support worker to Destination Education Ltd, will receive high street vouchers up to the value of £50, once that new teacher has worked for Destination Education Ltd for 10 full days of paid employment.
  2. A ‘referral’ is classed as a qualified teacher or support worker who is not currently known to Destination Education, i.e. has not previously worked or registered with us.
  3. All recommendations require the approval of the Managing Director of Destination Education