Candidate Testimonials

It is really important to us at Destination Education that we are striving to do the best for each and every candidate. Take a look at what our candidates have to say about Destination Education…

Huge thanks to all at Destination. I arrived in London, I had never done supply work before and within a week Neil and his team had me working in some really lovely schools. I had plenty of work to keep me going while I was there. The organisation is highly professional and enjoys excellent relationships with schools across London. I will definitely work with Destination again when I return to London. Thanks again.

Aisling Caffrey, Destination Education UK

I’ve worked with Destination Education on and off for the last few years while travelling in between and every time I ‘ve come back to London Neil has always got me work in good schools near to where I live. I used to work for a number of agencies in the past but I only work with Destination Education now as they have always been the best at keeping in contact and getting me work. I always recommend Destination Education to my friends.

I registered 2 weeks ago as I was looking for a long term job from September. My consultant had my paperwork processed immediately, then I met with 2 schools and I now have a job at an amazing school local to me. I will happily recommend this agency to anyone who is looking for teaching work.

You [Jennifer] were very good to me in easing my transition into the college, and I have enjoyed the work during the past year very much indeed…. So thank you again, and for offering to help me in the workplace in the future. You have been kind and generous to me, and I appreciate it very much.

I have worked for Destination Education for over seven years. They have always provided me with more than enough work in a very competitive market. The team are friendly and understanding of individual and personal circumstances. The team try their best to provide work which fits each individual e.g specific age range that you want to teach, travelling distance etc. Pay rate increases depending on whether you take on long term positions. The rate of pay is higher than most agencies offer however, Ive given 7 stars as I haven’t had a pay review for some time. Overall, I would recommend this agency to any potential supply teachers.

A first-rate agency to work for.Work is readily available,in lots of different parts of London. My every experience has been nothing short of positive.
Always available and approachable,the placement team and back office staff are ever contactable and so helpful-no problem is too difficult or off-putting.
Highly recommended when seeking a teaching post in the capital.

I registered with Destination Education during January 2017. The reason for joining Destination Education was to find some general day to day supply. I receive a call every Friday confirming what days I am available the following week and within 40 minutes they have managed to map out my whole week for me. They are very professional and try their best to keep to my preferences. I had a preference that I didn’t want to travel more than 30 minutes and this is something they have kept to since I joined.

Overall I would highly recommend

Kieron O'Brien, Destination Education UK
I have been happily working as a teacher for several years with a permanent contract. Recently, I decided to go into supply teaching. I initially thought it might be daunting. My concerns were that I wouldn’t find a permanent job or a regular daily work, but since signing up with Destination Education at Broadgate Circle (London) I have found the team there to be; reliable, efficient, consider your personal circumstances, professional, communicate regularly, pay a good wage and above all, a very helpful team all round. I have since been able to commence block work regularly, temporary work if needed, and all of the schools found or recommended have been a friendly and professional working environment. I have now been offered a permanent job within a school recommended by Destination.Ed. and will commence my full time contract job this September. I certainly would recommend Designation Education to all teachers/teachers to be, to sign up as you will be guaranteed a job that suits your preferences. Sign up today!!!

I have worked with Destination Education for over a year now and am continuously impressed with how hard they work to find jobs for me each week. They are very understanding about my other commitments and if I am unavailable for a long period of time, they are still contact with me regularly to ensure work can be found for me on my return. I would highly recommend.