Want to be put forward for interviews for positions after February half term?  Don’t have time to come and see an agency consultant because you are working?

Why not start your candidate registration process with a video interview?*

We understand that this time of year can be an extremely busy time in schools and that’s why Destination Education’s consultants are currently offering you the opportunity to register via Skype (or FaceTime) at a time that works for you. Our team will take you through our registration process explaining the latest opportunities depending on what type of work you are looking for.

You will also meet with one of our compliance team members who will check and view your required documents.

Ways to prepare for a video interview:

  • Be logged in and check your connection at least 10-20mins prior to your schedule interview

  • Make sure you are in a quiet room where you won’t get interrupted

  • Gather your documents together before your scheduled interview. If you aren’t sure what you need check with your consultant

  • While it isn’t a formal interview make sure you are dressed appropriately! We don’t need to catch you at home in your pj’s!

Find out more and schedule your interview by calling 0844 800 3820 or emailing [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

*Terms & Conditions apply: Please speak to the team at Destination Education to see if you are eligible for a video interview