Guidelines for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

Why should you use an agency?

  • Supply teaching can give you flexibility – you can get experience in a variety of different schools, no planning required, and ability to build your confidence
  • Provides another option – working with an agency can be another option to taking out a permanent contract. Ask yourself, what if it’s not the right school for you? What if you decide to move? Travel? You can take the time to decide which school you truly want to be working in
  • Introductions – working as a supply teacher is a great way to get into schools that might be otherwise inaccessible and you are then known to the school and get requested back time and time again.

We want you to be aware of a few things when looking for your ideal teaching position – we don’t want you to get caught out with these pitfalls! They add to your stress and can be overwhelming if not prepared!

  • Putting your CV on job sites – When you put your CV on a job site the keywords get picked up and your CV then gets sent through to agencies. Be prepared to be bombarded with phone calls! It can turn you off looking for a job altogether!
  • Going forward for a role – at Destination Education we ALWAYS make sure we have your permission before sending your CV forward for any role. We have heard of cases where this isn’t the case!
  • Getting paid for trial days – if you are spending a whole day teaching in the classroom you should be paid for it. Don’t be told otherwise!

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